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Giant House Spider

Actual Size: ¾ with 2” leg span

Characteristics: Large; Black, gray, or brown pattern on the back.

Legs: 8

Habitat: Often found in garages, basements, and near floors. They sometimes get trapped in sinks and bathtubs when looking for water.


  • Builds webs that are flat and messy with a funnel at one end.
  • Most common in autumn when they have reached their maximum size.
  • Can be found in dark corners of rooms, storage sheds, and within firewood and boxes.

Giant House Spiders in Kailua Kona

The giant house spider was originally thought to be venomous, but after research, it was discovered that they have little to no venom. The giant house spider is usually found in the corners of dark rooms, barns, storage sheds, fences, bridges, and other structures. Their funnel web is constructed in corners and on window angles. While the giant house spider has a preference for the outdoors, they can be transported into homes through firewood, boxes, and other items.

Giant House Spider Habitat

If a giant house spider is found indoors, it is usually in a basement or garage. As for outdoor sightings, the spider hides in between bricks and stones or in firewood. Their webs resemble a funnel with a hole in the center and use the web to capture pretty. The giant house spider does not climb well, so they often become trapped on the floor, in sinks, or bathtubs. They are most often seen during the night as they do not like contact with humans and hide during the day.

Giant House Spider Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Giant house spiders reach their maximum size in the fall and that is often when they are encountered most. The spiders are not aggressive and will run rapidly away when they are startled. If the giant house spider feels threatened, it is possible that it could bite, but this is extremely rare. Even if a bite does occur, they are not serious and the venom is only harmful to people with certain allergies. Despite the threatening appearance and large size, the spider is not considered a threat to people. Always contact a professional spider exterminator for help with giant house spiders.