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For homes and businesses, the presence of bird nests and droppings can lead to serious problems. The germs and bacteria from bird droppings pose health risks, causing up to 60 different diseases, infections, and illnesses in humans. When birds nest in or around your property, they become a significant nuisance. Due to the protected status of many birds in the Kailua Kona area, attempting DIY bird control is strongly discouraged. For over 16 years, Kona Coast Pest Control has been the local expert in bird control and removal. We offer a diverse range of discreet, cost-effective, and humane bird removal measures to ensure the safety of both the property and the birds.

Effective Bird Control Solutions

While birds are cherished in nature, their presence on or near homes can become a nuisance. From disruptive noises to the creation of nests, dealing with a flock of birds on your roof is undesirable. In Kailua Kona, specific regulations govern bird control, underscoring the importance of seeking professional assistance. Our experts at Kona Coast Pest Control employ a variety of bird exclusion tactics to safeguard your property year-round.

Bird Removal for YOUR HOME

What You Can Expect From Our Bird Control Process

Birds are a natural part of the environment, but when they choose your roof or attic for nesting, it’s time for professional bird control. Our bird control technicians follow a meticulous process to address the issue:

  • Inspection: Identifying bird species and pinpointing problematic areas on your property.
  • Safe Removal: Utilizing humane methods, if necessary, to remove and relocate birds from your property.
  • Exclusion Methods: Implementing strategies to prevent birds from roosting or nesting again.
  • Clean-Up Services: Employing protocols to ensure your property is free of any bird-related waste, if needed.

Bird Exclusion for YOUR BUSINESS

Keeping Birds Away From Your Commercial Property

Birds often find refuge in the internal structures around commercial facilities in Kailua Kona. This not only impacts your business’s reputation but also poses risks to guests or customers. Swift adoption of expert bird control measures will protect your business against the hazards associated with nuisance birds.

Our bird removal experts at Kona Coast Pest Control will customize a plan to suit the unique needs of your commercial property, ensuring lasting protection.

Kona Coast Pest Control Reviews

We’ve been using Kona Coast Pest Control for about a year now. Heather is great with scheduling and keeping us informed, and the techs do a great job. Kona Coast is are efficient, effective and affordable.

– Geoffrey H.

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At Kona Coast Pest Control, our commitment lies in safeguarding against the health issues and damages caused by common pests. In addition to delivering effective bird control & removal, our services cover a wide range of other pests, offering comprehensive solutions for a thorough and dependable pest management strategy.