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Crab Spider

Actual Size: Approximately ½” across

Characteristics: White with black spots and red spines; or yellow-brown with two distinct white speckles on its back.

Legs: 8

Habitat: Builds large systems of interconnected webs that span from trees to shrubs to eaves. During the summer, these webs can be found all over the place.


  • Bites are common, especially among farm workers who work in close proximity to their habitats
  • Populations increase sharply during the summer and can even continue rising into the fall
  • Hangs out on Syfelia flowers waiting for prey to land on it; when they do, crab spiders pounce

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Crab Spiders in Kailua Kona

There are two types of crab spiders commonly found here on the islands and they can be difficult to tell apart. One crab spider is white with black spots and red spines; the other more common type is yellow-brown with two distinct white speckles on its back. Crab spider populations ramp up in the summer and fall and gradually start to dwindle in the winter and early spring months.

Crab Spider Habitat

One of the most fascinating features of the crab spider is how they build their webs. Unlike most spiders that build one web for nesting and hunting purposes, crab spiders build sprawling complexes of webs that span from structure to structure. Crab spiders are typically not interested in coming inside, so if you see them in your house, it’s likely because they got lost. Crab spiders are a native species of Hawaii.

Crab Spider Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Crab Spiders do bite people, but it’s generally because someone walked into their web or habitat. There are just so many that sometimes it’s unavoidable, especially if you work outside in outdoor or agricultural areas. The good news is that their bites are fairly mild. While they might sting, they’re more likely to cause itching or redness for several days afterward before they go away. Crab spiders are sometimes called Flower Crab Spiders because of their tendency to hunt prey on top of or next to flowers.

If you are dealing with crab spiders in your Kailua Kona property, contact your local spider exterminators.