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Dampwood Termite

Actual Size: 3/4 to 1″

Characteristics: Much larger type of termite. Soldiers and swarmers range from a light brown color to a reddish-brown.

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Wings: Alates/swarmers have wings.

Habitat: Attracted to moist, weakened wood. Target timber and other decaying wood sources.

Habits: Commonly found near swamp edges and wetland margins. Also frequently found in residential areas, and are generally the most abundant snake in urban environments.

  • They only infest wood with high moisture content.
  • Usually found to infest felled timber, dead trees, and stumps.
  • May infest buildings prone to high moisture content from plumbing or drainage issues.

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Dampwood Termites in Kailua Kona

When observing different types of termites, the dampwood termite is a much larger termite species that is attracted to moist wood. While other moisture-loving termites live and work in different environments, the dampwood termite does not construct mud tubes like other termites and they are capable of living within the wood they are consuming. For survival, the termite will cover entry holes with excrement to preserve humidity. Swarms of termites can most easily be noticed at night since they are attracted to light. The dampwood termite prefers a humid, tropical climate, so they are commonly found in southern areas. There are three primary castes: reproductives (alates), soldiers, and false workers/pseudergates.

Dampwood Termite Habitat

Dampwood termites usually infest damp wood which is often in its decaying stage. They prefer damp areas that have high moisture levels or fungus, which usually occur from ventilation issues, drainage complications, or plumbing leaks. Even old gutters filled with leaves can cause enough moisture to accumulate for dampwood termites to find. When a home is infested, they are capable of hollowing out support beams, which leave the home in a dangerous state and may be expensive to repair.

Dampwood Termite Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Since dampwood termites are attracted to moisture, home maintenance issues such as leaks or broken pipes can make infestation significantly more likely. The wet and vulnerable wood can be hollowed out by termites, including vital support beams in your home. Since they are living within the structure of the home, infestations can occur for long periods without being noticed. Dampwood termites do have the ability to bite but rarely do so. The real concern is the damage that can occur to living spaces. To prevent or control a dampwood termite infestation, it’s important to enlist the help of a professional termite exterminator.