Lesser brown scorpion crawling on a cluster of white rocks - Keep scorpions away from your home with Kona Coast Pest Control in Kailua Kona, HI

Lesser Brown Scorpion

Actual Size: 1″ – 2 1/2”

Characteristics: Color ranges from yellowish to brown. Specimens typically have varying colors of stripes and markings on the body and claws.


Habitat: Typically spends the day in hiding and comes out at night to hunt. Scorpions may hide under rocks or leaves. They are excellent hiders, which is why you rarely see them even if they’re quite common.


  • Sting is painful and may cause nausea, but is generally not serious. Although if you are having a bad reaction, seek medical attention
  • Nocturnal; rarely seen during daytime unless its hiding spot is disturbed
  • Feeds on small insects and arachnids

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Lesser Brown Scorpion in Kailua Kona

Lesser brown scorpions are not native to the islands. Thought to originate in Africa, lesser brown scorpions were introduced as pets and have since become common. Even though they’re desert creatures, lesser brown scorpions are well suited to our tropical climate, lesser brown scorpions spend the day in hiding and emerge at night to hunt.

Lesser Brown Scorpion Habitat

Lesser brown scorpions are easily frightened, which is why they spend most of their time hiding under rocks, in vegetation, or even among trash. They will also make their homes near water sources. If they come into your home, you’ll most likely find them in a secluded part like an attic.

Lesser Brown Scorpion Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

All scorpions are venomous, but the venom of the lesser brown scorpion is not considered fatal to humans. The most common reaction is pain, swelling, and even nausea. Some people are highly sensitive to the venom and may have additional symptoms. The sting will likely hurt, but the good news is that most stings resolve without any issue.

If you suspect a lesser brown scorpion issue, contact your local pest control company.