A silver fish against a white background - Keep silver fish out of your home with Kona Coast Pest Control in Kailua Kona


Actual Size: ½ to ¾”

Characteristics:  Narrow metallic body that is silver in color. Long antennae and three antennae-like appendages on their abdomens (called cerci).

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Wings: No

Tails: 3

Habitat: Thrives in damp environments with a humidity level between 75 and 95 percent. Outdoors, they’re usually found in rocks or piles of decaying leaf matter.


  • Get their name from their fish-like movement pattern. 
  • If they invade a home or business, they could be a sign of moisture problems. 
  • Feeds on clothing, paper, wallpaper, and other household objects.
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Silverfish in Kailua Kona

Silverfish are small, wingless insects known for their distinctive appearance and rapid, fish-like movements. They have elongated, teardrop-shaped bodies covered in silvery-gray scales, giving them a metallic sheen. Silverfish are primitive insects that have been around for millions of years, predating many modern insect species. Thanks to their thin bodies, they can hide in a variety of tiny places like folds of wallpaper.

Silverfish Habitat

Silverfish thrive in dark, damp environments and are commonly found in homes, particularly in areas with high humidity. They are nocturnal and move quickly, darting between cracks and crevices. Silverfish feed on a variety of materials, including carbohydrates such as sugars and starches found in paper, glue, clothing, and food crumbs. Their preference for humid conditions makes them common in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and other areas with moisture.

Silverfish Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Silverfish are generally harmless to humans and do not pose any direct threats. They do not bite or sting, and their primary impact is on materials they consume. While they can damage paper, wallpaper, and other items, they are not known to cause significant structural damage to homes. However, their presence can be a nuisance, and homeowners may wish to manage their populations to prevent damage to belongings. 

If you have excess silverfish in your Kailua Kona property, contact your local exterminators for help.