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House Cricket

Actual Size: ¾ to 1”

Characteristics: A classic-looking cricket with strong back legs, a tan or brownish body, and powerful wings.

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Wings: Yes, but rarely fly. Males rub their wings together to create the characteristic chirping noise.

Habitat: Despite their name, these crickets prefer to live outdoors beneath rocks or in piles of leaf litter. If indoors, they may try to hide in warm and damp places like bathrooms.


  • Males produce a loud chirp by rubbing their front wings together. 
  • They chirp more frequently in spring and summer when males try to attract a mate. 
  • Their legs have auditory organs that allow them to “hear” with their legs.
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House Crickets in Kailua Kona

House crickets are small, winged insects known for their distinctive chirping sounds, produced by rubbing their wings together. These crickets typically have a light brown coloration with darker bands on their heads. Adult house crickets have wings that extend beyond the tip of their abdomen. One unique feature is their large hind legs, which are adapted for jumping. The chirping sound is primarily produced by male crickets to attract mates, and it can vary in intensity and frequency. House crickets are commonly found in and around human habitations, especially in warm and dark areas.

House Cricket Habitat

House crickets thrive in a variety of environments, from fields and gardens to human dwellings. They are opportunistic feeders, consuming a diverse diet that includes plant matter, fungi, and even other insects. Indoors, house crickets often inhabit warm and sheltered areas, such as basements, kitchens, and crawl spaces. They are attracted to light, which can contribute to their presence in well-lit rooms during the night.

House Cricket Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

While house crickets are generally harmless to humans, their chirping can become a nuisance, especially in quiet environments such as bedrooms. The sound is produced by males to establish territory and attract females, and it may continue throughout the night. In large numbers, crickets can cause damage to fabrics, paper, and even stored food. However, their presence indoors is typically more of an annoyance than a serious threat.

If you have a house cricket infestation in your Kailua Kona property, contact your local pest control experts.