Earwig against a white background - Keep earwigs away from your home with Kona Coast Pest Control in Kailua Kona


Actual Size: ¼ to 1”

Characteristics: Flat and narrow insects with distinctive pincers at the base of their thorax. Usually black, dark brown, or reddish.

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Pincers: Yes

Wings: Some have wings, but they rarely fly.

Habitat: Drawn to dark, damp spaces in gardens and forests. Outdoors, they’re usually found beneath rocks. Indoors, they often congregate in basements, bathrooms, or crawl spaces.


  • Earwigs are nocturnal and will feed on plants or other insects at night. 
  • Capable of burrowing up to six feet beneath the ground, especially in cold weather. 
  • Gets their name from a false superstition that they crawl into people’s ears.

Earwigs in Kailua Kona

Earwigs are fascinating insects with distinctive pincers at the end of their abdomen, known as cerci. These pincers, while appearing formidable, are primarily used for defense and mating displays rather than for causing harm to humans. Earwigs are typically dark brown or black and have elongated bodies that can range from half an inch to one inch in length. Despite their somewhat menacing appearance, earwigs are generally harmless to humans and are omnivores, feeding on a variety of organic matter, including insects, plants, and decaying materials.

Earwig Habitat

Earwigs are adaptable insects that can be found in diverse habitats, ranging from gardens and mulched areas to under rocks and debris. They are nocturnal creatures, preferring dark and damp environments. These insects often seek shelter during the day and become active at night when they feed and mate. While earwigs are usually found outdoors, they may sneak inside when the weather is cold.

Earwig Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Despite their intimidating appearance, earwigs are not harmful to humans and do not pose a significant threat. They do not bite or sting unless handled or provoked, and even then, their pincers are not powerful enough to cause harm. Earwigs play a beneficial role in gardens by feeding on other insects, including pests like aphids and mites. However, in some cases, they may damage plants by nibbling on leaves and flowers. Additionally, it can be unnerving to come across these pests inside of your home.

If you are dealing with excess earwigs on your property, contact a local pest control professional.