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Varied Carpet Beetle Larvae

Actual Size: Typically ranges from 2 to 5 mm

Characteristics: Oval-shaped with a mix of light and dark stripes or patches which gives them a “varied” appearance. They are covered in hair-like bristles and have a tapered, pointed rear end.

Legs: Varied carpet beetle larvae have six small legs, but these are often not visible due to their bristly coverings.

Antennae: Yes

Wings: They do not have wings. Only the adult varied carpet beetles have wings.

Habitat: Commonly found in homes and other structures where they infest a variety of natural materials such as wool, fur, feathers, silk, and leather. They can also be found in stored food products like grains and cereals.


  • They may infest dead insects, bird nests, or animal carcasses outdoors.
  • Notorious for causing damage to carpets, clothing, upholstery, and other household items made of natural fibers.
  • They prefer dark, undisturbed areas such as closets, attics, basements, and underneath furniture where they can feed undisturbed.
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Varied Carpet Beetle Larvae in Kailua Kona

Varied beetle larvae, known for their distinct multicolored look, are frequently found in City Name, posing a concern for local residents. These tiny creatures have a preference for natural fibers, making them a potential nuisance for homeowners. Their notable appearance includes light and dark brown patterns, along with tiny bristles covering their bodies, giving them a fuzzy look. As these larvae mature, they undergo molting, which can help identify their presence within your home.

Varied Carpet Beetle Larvae Habitat

Carpet beetle larvae are frequently encountered indoors, inhabiting spaces such as homes, museums, and areas with organic matter. They have a voracious appetite and can invade and devour a plethora of items, including wool carpets, clothing, upholstery, feathers, fur, and stored food items. Their ability to thrive on various materials and adapt to different environments poses a significant challenge in preservation and pest management endeavors.

Varied Carpet Beetle Larvae Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Varied Carpet Beetle larvae exhibit a range of behaviors and pose significant threats indoors. These pests, known for their insatiable appetite and adaptability, can wreak havoc by infesting and damaging various materials like wool carpets, clothing, upholstery, feathers, fur, and stored food items. Their presence can result in extensive damage to personal belongings, valuable artifacts, and food supplies if left unchecked. Regular monitoring and effective pest control measures are essential to minimize their impact.
If you believe that your home has fallen victim to a carpet beetle larvae infestation, contact a beetle control expert.