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What our customer's have said...

  • David & Ann

    "WOW what a great job you all did. After we cleaned out the carcasses of the dead bugs we felt like we were no longer imprisoned by bugs for the first time in six years. I never saw a single mosquito all the time we were there and never got a bite. A centipede crawled up on the porch to die sometime before we got there. It was a red one measuring eight inches long and dead as a door nail. It was such a pleasure to enjoy our home without creepy crawlies running the show. Our situation is rather difficult one because; we were not there and you had to arrange with another client to gain access, there is no address so you had to follow directions exactly, the place is left uninhabited for long periods of time so the bugs completely take the place over, the mezzanine is only accessible by ladder, and we are surrounded by Christmas berry which the buggies love. We sure hope you will perform this service again when we make our next trek to the island."
  • Pete

    "We've never been so happy to see our house full of dead stuff! Great job!!"
  • John

    "You are doing really well. No news is good news. Our bait traps are not completely empty like they have been in the past which means we are getting a handle on our rat population. I just had an owner say that they usually have an ant problem when they arrive, but not this year. We have not needed return spot treatments on the termites. I think we are at a turning point with our pest control, it had been left undone for so long that I think you are beginning to regain control. All good."
  • Barb

    Kona Coast Pest Control does a great job. I have had no problems at all.
  • Karoll

    Called Kona Coast Pest Control for an estimate...scheduled a date for inspection, arrived on time every time, had our home treated for ants ...but the gentleman that treated our property also sprayed and knocked down wasps nests. I will be having them come quarterly. They did an excellent job and was most reasonable regarding price, the quote for quarterly treatment was also reasonable. Overall, Kona Coast Pest Control did an excellent job..I will continue doing business with them. I trusted them to treat our property, which they did, was very specific about the insecticides used, how long it will last,, harmful or not. Left me with little to no questions, also provided suggestions to continue to be bug free for a longer period
  • Chris

    Best pest control company ... by far! Super service provided by owners & staff! Locally owned & operated. We've used several other companies over the past few years with minimal results. Since switching to Kona Coast Peat Control three years ago, we had outstanding service! Price is very very fair, too! We highly recommend KCPC! They're the BugKlrs!
  • Steve

    Great Service, Fair Price and very friendly. Locally owned. I've been using them for a year and a half and have been very happy!!
  • Chris

    I just stepped into my office after returning back from a great vacation! Thank you for all the efforts you put into our unit. With out pros like you and your company we wouldn’t know where to turn!!