Our price for Termite Inspections is .10 per square foot

(Additional discounts may be available for properties over 5,000 square feet) 

 Minimum charge for our Termite Inspection is $100.00+ GE tax 

 Thank You for interest in our services!

Please fill out the form below to request a Termite Inspection Report for NON Escrow. Please fill out all required areas as accurately as possible, as they are needed to ensure proper pricing, and more importantly, so enough time can be scheduled to complete the inspection. Any missing or incomplete information can cause delays in completing the report.


If you have any difficulties filling out the online form please select the appropriate link for a PDF version of the request form and please submit via E-mail or Fax. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Heather at the office with any questions. 

(For Printing Purposes ONLY)  Non-Escrow Request

To submit online, please fill out form below.


Typical turn around time for the reports is 1-2 business days following the date of service.

However, properties over 3,000 square feet may require additional time. 

 We do NOT provide Fumigation services, so you'll ALWAYS get an unbiased opinion!

Termite Inspection Request for Non-Escrow
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By signing and submitting this request form you acknowledge that:

- You understand Additional Charges WILL Apply if a return visit and/or additional driving is required due to an inaccessible area. Please be sure ALL areas of the home is accessible for the inspection.

- You understand that the termite Inspection report becomes available within 2 business days from the date of the actual inspection unless otherwise notified

- You understand that this is a chargeable service that must be paid regardless of whether any sales transaction for the property fails to conclude.

- You understand and agree that payment for this service is due within 15 days of service of invoicing and a 1.5% late fee will be assessed for all late payments

- You agree that should escrow fail to remit payment you (as the requester for this service) are held liable for the charges of this termite inspection.

- You understand that the price quoted to you for this service is based on the information you have provided and may be changed if the information provided is inaccurate.

- You certify that the information you have provided on this request is true and correct to the best of your knowledge

- You agree to provide a copy of the seller’s disclosure statement and understand that without this required attachment inspection service will not be scheduled

- You understand that the square footage of the structure not only plays a role in the cost of this service, but more importantly, allows us to schedule enough time to conduct a thorough inspection.
If the square footage is found to be grossly inaccurate, it may affect your pricing and/or our ability to complete the inspection on schedule if we must meet other scheduled commitments for the day.
I have read and understand the above stated disclosure *