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Scale & Mealy Bugs

Scale & Mealy Bugs are closely related. One major difference is that Mealy Bugs remain motile. Scale female lose thier legs as they mature & shed, becoming immoblile. Outbreaks of scale can be triggered by plants under stress (underwatering, overwatering, over fertilizing, etc.)


Aphids are a very common plant & garden pest. They are hardy and can be found in almost any zone. They are slow moving but can multiply quickly. These are best treated by catching the signs early. 


Whiteflies are a plant pest closely related to aphids. They can be found on the under side of leaves. Whiteflies ingest the plant juices and secrete a slimy substance called "honeydew". This honeydew, if left unattended, can lead to fungal diseases in plants. 


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snail1.pngSnails & Slugs

Some people may not be aware of the extent these mollusks can damage gardens because they are nocturnal. Snails and slugs damage plants & seedlings and can devour plant leaves & seeds leaving unsightly holes and tears that can leave the plants vulnerable to plant rot, fungus, viruses and bacteria. 

The holes and mucus slime they leave behind can make plants unattactive and sickly. 

mealy plumeria

Signs of an Infestation

Signs of an Infestation

~ Curling, Stunted, or yellowing leaves

~"Sooty Mold" is a fungus that comes from the honeydew sap created by these pests

~Aphids feeding on flowers or fruit can cause them to look distorted and misshapen.

rust plumeria


Plumeria Rust is an infection caused by an airborn spore that sticks to leaves under wet or humid conditions. Symptoms start on the underside of the leaves as tiny raised yellow/orange powdery rust spots. Even though the spores can be wiped off, it doesnt eliminate the infection. 

To control Fungal diseases such as this one, you'd need to catch this early and have it treated by a professional with a fungicide. It's also important to remove and dispose of any affected leaves. Even if they fall to the ground they can become a new source of infection.