We hope you find this checklist as a useful guideline when preparing for a Bedbug Treatment as well as taking precautions to avoid future infestations.



Before Treatment

ü  Wash & Dry all clothing, bed sheets, blankets and pillowcases on HOT settings. Dry on high for at least 30 minutes is more important than washing to kill bed bugs.

ü  Place shoes, pillows, curtains, jackets, small rugs & mats, and non-electronic plush toys  in the dryer on high for at least 30 minutes.

ü  Avoid over-stuffing the dryer so the heat can reach all items freely.

ü  Clean & organize your home allowing access to all walls, closets, and around all furniture. As well as clearing off shelves and cleaning out cabinets.

ü  Store your clean items immediately into plastic bags away from the home or unit being treated. DO NOT USE CARDBOARD BOXES! Bed bugs can hide in the creases and deposit eggs

ü  Vacuum and wash floors and carpets paying close attention to the crevice between the walls & floors.

ü  Dispose of any vacuum bags immediately, as they may contain live bed bugs.

ü  Do not attempt to use “bug bombs” or store bought “foggers” for bed bugs, as they only treat surface areas and do not get into the cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide. It may also just make the problem worse by causing them to spread farther out.

ü  Move all furniture at least 18 inches away from the walls.

ü  Ensure the rooms are free of plush toys & pillows and laundered.

ü  Picture frames on the walls should be removed and cleaned or treated.

ü  If you own a fish tank be sure to cover the top completely with a towel or plastic, as fish are very sensitive to chemicals.

ü  Remove all people & pets from the home while before the treatment and be sure to NOT enter the home being treated for the duration of the treatment and at least 4 hours after the treatment is completed.



To Prevent Future Infestations

ü  Avoid buying used furniture without thoroughly inspecting it and do not pick up discarded items thrown away by others. These items can include but are not limited to: mattresses, furniture, shoes & clothing.

ü  When traveling be sure to store your belongings on shelves and hanging jackets. Avoid leaving your items on the beds and on the floors.

ü  Consider buying a Bed Bug Proof protective cover for all box springs and mattresses, including hide-away beds, to prevent bed bugs from getting in.

ü  Avoid keeping wicker furniture, as they provide infinite places for bed bugs to hide.